Experiences Of Bhakt-ભક્તો ના અનુભવ

My parents have attended several Katha of 
Param Pujya Shri Dongre ji Maharaj. 
I never got any such opportunity, since I was too small. 
But, now I listen His Katha having downloaded by my husband. 
Indeed, He has changed my and my husband 's lives.
We request to uploaded more of His Katha and His photographs, 
to enlightenment this world.

In Bharat mata mandir situated at Haridwar, photograph of Bhrmalin Param Pujya Shree Dongreji Maharaj with another Saint is kept just above the lift on ground floor


I am fortunate to read the Bhagwad of Shri Dongre Maharaj,which is much appealing to mind & Heart.
When ever I read or see the video , the katha is getting absorbed in the heart.
Also we take vow of some good deed listening to his katha.I had started observing Ekadashi three days fast. i.e Dashami Once meal, Ekadashi with fruits  and Dwadashi with Once meal.
I find very good.The benefits are known to all. 1. Keeps the health good by fasting once in a month spiritually and physically. Further Maharaj has said that people doing Ekadashi comes to know the death of self before it approaches.
The katha is like a Ganges and taking dip in that water purifies the human being.
Number of time you read or listen , always the katha finds as new and encouraging in the spiritual life.
I have always found that when ever I was dull at spiritual path, and I read or listen his katha
it has encouraged with new zest for spiritual practices.

Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa has said that katha of only those kathakars are appealing to the heart who delivers katha after taking the instruction from God . The result is katha flowing from the mounth of such kathakars are penetrating in to the heart of the people. Rest the advices given by any other kathakars will last up to the pendal of katha only.i.e as soon as people go out of pendal they forget what was preached in the katha.

Maharaj was one among-st them whose preaching was/is directly absorbed in the heart.
Thank you.
Dr. Saraswati K.Iyer
Sr. Manager- Legal
Reliance Industries Limited

Ketan R. Mehta
New Delhi 
It gives me an immense pleasure to share with you that on the eve ( 26 Dec) of my birthday ( 27 Dec),. I have had an opportunity to visit Maalsar second time in my life. I felt I was on the top of the world. I had Darshan if Dongrebapa's room from inside, had sparshed his Paduka, taken on my head for blessings, followed by Narmda river snan.

What else can be a better birthday than this?

While visiting Bapa's old home in Maalsar, someone gave me the keys of his own to see the Room from inside. I think Bapa still lives there and probably he only called me there and I was showered blessings.

In Saurshtra, we all call address him as Bapa than Dongreji Maharaj, which is capsule with a lot of love and respect, and when we say" Bapa" or Dongrebapa, we feel we are nearer and closer to him.

મારા માટે ડોંગરેજી મહારાજ એટલે બધુ જ છે.
આજના સમયમાં ડોંગરેજી જેવુ નિષ્કલંક અને પરમ ભાગવદ વ્યક્તિત્વ ક્યાંય જોવા મળતું નથી.
હું અમદાવાદમાં રહુ છું.. તેમની એકાદ કથા પ્રત્યક્ષ સાંભળવાનો લાભ મળ્યો છે..
માલસરની મુલાકાત પણ કરી છે.. વાસ્તવમાં અદ્ભૂત સ્થળ છે,, કહો કે તીર્થ છે..
બાબજીના રૂમમાં તો, અલૌકિક આનંદની અનુભૂતિ થયા વગર જ ન રહે,,
એમની એક એક ચીજ જોઈને દડ દડ આંસૂ પડે..
ભારત જેવા દેશમાં યુગે યુગે આવા મહાન વ્યકિતત્વ અવતરતા હોય છે..
પુણ્યશ્લોક બાબજીને કોટી કોટી વંદન...
જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ...

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